Common sense of glass bottle wholesale.
Nowadays, more and more businesses are returning to use glass bottles for various reasons. There are still many people, such as self-made wine water, etc., and also need to buy glass bottles. However, the wholesale and purchase of glass bottles still needs to have some common sense. This will avoid being fooled. Today, China Packaging Bottle Network Xiaobian will talk to everyone.

First of all, the material of the glass bottle, such as a wine bottle, has a white crystal, a white material, a high white material and the like. Before buying, you need to think about which type of glass bottle you want to buy, so that you can connect with the manufacturer faster. 
Second, the glass bottle is shaped and capacity. The shape of the glass bottle determines whether the manufacturer wants to open the mold. Because the price of mold opening will naturally be higher, it is necessary to bear the cost of the mold, and it is natural to have the ready-made nature. There is also the capacity of the bottle, this will also determine the price. Then, the delivery time of the glass bottle, the leapfrog, especially the current labor shortage, the natural price will be higher, because the worker also needs extra wages for overtime work. In addition, the quality of the glass bottles is thick and requires special attention during inspection.
Finally, the distance between the glass bottle manufacturers, because this will generate logistics costs, also need to be considered.

In short, the wholesale of glass bottles needs to consider a variety of factors in order to finally decide whether to place an order.

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