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(1) Small Order: 100% full payment.                                                                                                                     (2) Bulk Order: 30% paid as deposit, and the balance should be paid before shipping.                             

The ten most common defects in glass bottle forming.

(1) Crack. Cracks are the most common shortcoming of glass bottles. It can be very thin, and some can only be found in reflected light. Frequently produced parts are the mouth, neck and shoulders, and cracks often occur on the bottle and the bottom of the bottle.(2) Uneven thickness. This means that the glass on the glass bottle is unevenly distributed. The main reason is that the temperature of the glass gob is not uniform, the part with high temperature has small viscosity, and it is easy to blow thin; the part with low temperature has large resistance and thick. The temperature of the model is not uniform, and the glass with a high temperature is cooled slowly, and it is easy to blow thin, and the side with a low temperature is blown thick due to the rapid cooling of the glass.(3) Deformation. If the gob temperature and the applied temperature are too high, the bottle which is released from the forming die is not completely shaped, and tends to collapse. Sometimes the bottom of the bottle is still soft and will print the marks on the conveyor belt to make the bottom of the bottle uneven.(4) Not full. If the gob temperature is too low or the model is too cold, the mouth, shoulders, etc. will not be full, resulting in defects such as gaps, shoulders and unclear patterns.(5) Cold spots. A plaque that is not smooth on the surface of the glass is called a cold shift. The main reason for this defect is that the model temperature is too cold, which occurs when starting production or shutting down production.(6) Prominence. A defect in which the glass bottle is protruding or the edge of the mouth protrudes outward. This is due to the fact that the model parts are not manufactured correctly enough or the installation is not well matched. The model is damaged, the joint surface is dirty, and the top core is too late to enter the position. Before the glass frit has fallen into the initial mold, a part of the glass is pressed out or blown out from the slit.(7) Wrinkles. Wrinkles come in a variety of shapes, some are creases, and some are very thin wrinkles. The reason for wrinkles is mainly due to the fact that the gob is too cold, the drip is too long, and the gob does not fall in the middle of the initial mold and sticks to the cavity wall.(8) Surface defects. The surface of the bottle is rough and uneven, mainly due to the matte surface of the cavity. If the model's lubricating oil is not clean or the oiled brush is too dirty, it will also degrade the surface quality of the bottle.(9) Bubbles. The bubbles generated during the forming process tend to be several large bubbles or a number of small bubbles concentrated in the same, which is different from the evenly distributed small bubbles of the glass itself.(10) Scissors. The obvious traces left on the bottle due to poor shearing. One branch often has two scissors prints, and the upper scissors are left at the bottom, which affects the appearance. The scissors below are left in the bottle mouth. It is often the source of cracks.

Common sense of glass bottle wholesale.

Nowadays, more and more businesses are returning to use glass bottles for various reasons. There are still many people, such as self-made wine water, etc., and also need to buy glass bottles. However, the wholesale and purchase of glass bottles still needs to have some common sense. This will avoid being fooled. Today, China Packaging Bottle Network Xiaobian will talk to everyone.First of all, the material of the glass bottle, such as a wine bottle, has a white crystal, a white material, a high white material and the like. Before buying, you need to think about which type of glass bottle you want to buy, so that you can connect with the manufacturer faster. Second, the glass bottle is shaped and capacity. The shape of the glass bottle determines whether the manufacturer wants to open the mold. Because the price of mold opening will naturally be higher, it is necessary to bear the cost of the mold, and it is natural to have the ready-made nature. There is also the capacity of the bottle, this will also determine the price. Then, the delivery time of the glass bottle, the leapfrog, especially the current labor shortage, the natural price will be higher, because the worker also needs extra wages for overtime work. In addition, the quality of the glass bottles is thick and requires special attention during inspection.Finally, the distance between the glass bottle manufacturers, because this will generate logistics costs, also need to be considered.In short, the wholesale of glass bottles needs to consider a variety of factors in order to finally decide whether to place an order.

The importance of perfume bottle design instructions.

In recent years, perfume bottle packaging has received more and more attention from the market. In order to stand out from the competition in the market, many well-known perfumes have invested manpower and resources on perfume bottles. Some well-known perfume companies also cooperate with well-known designers to create the appearance of perfume bottles. A variety of competitions for the design of J perfume bottles are also endless.Many of the perfume bottle designs are professional designers, but they often ignore the importance of perfume bottle design instructions. In this case, the effect is actually not good. First, many special design perfume bottles, if used without opening, sometimes there are some obstacles to use.Second, the meaning of the design of the perfume bottle packaging, sometimes requires the copper hanging perfume bottle design instructions directly reflected. Third, some details of the design of the perfume bottle will be inaccurate in processing if it is not communicated through the design instructions of the perfume bottle.In short, the design of the perfume bottle shows a seemingly simple text, in fact it contains the connection of all aspects of work.

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Yes, T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal, Alibaba One-touch, etc.

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1) FOB: Please tell us your forwarder agent contact informations.2) CIF: Usually we ship them by sea or air, if you have small order, we can ship them by express. So, please avdise us your destination port or your warehouse address.

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Yes, we are able to open a mould according to customer's requirements if needed.

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Yea.The services we can provide include: screen printing, hot stamping, frosting, label, etc.As to printing color: Any color is available according to Pantone color number.

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Yes, we are able to provide you free samples but the courier fee should be on your accound.